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Your sweet treats look delicious! How can I make a purchase?                        Please view our 'How To Order' section for more information. 

Is your food business registered with the appropriate authorities?
Yes. We are registered business with Tower Hamlets Council in London. As such, we are subject to health and hygiene inspections by the Food Standards Agency. All those who handle food within our business have received their ‘Level 2 Food and Hygiene’ qualification.
Is your packaging eco-friendly?
Absolutely! We have taken great care to ensure that all of our packaging is eco-friendly. Even our labels are printed on recycled paper! Please discard of your boxes in the appropriate bins. All of our packaging is widely recycled but check with your local authority for their rules on recycling. 
Are all of the products handmade?
Yes! All items on our menu are handmade with love in East London. In each box is a card with a little story about me in the form of a poem. I am the 21 year old founder of ‘For The Busy Cooks’ and wanted to add a personal touch to each box. Read the poem when you make a purchase and be inspired!
Do you deliver outside of the UK?
Unfortunately we only deliver to the United Kingdom at the moment. This is so that we can ensure that every yummy bite is as fresh as possible. However, because we are soo passionate about our business
as we expand we hope to allow our delicious goods to be made available all around the world! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive any future updates! Watch this space!

Are all brownies and blondies available for UK delivery?                                Yes. All of our products can be shipped anywhere in the UK via RoyalMail 1st class contactless delivery. 1st class delivery aims to arrive within two working days from the dispatch date (NOTE: this is not the same as the order date).

My order hasn't arrived yet?                                                                           You purchase takes 3-5 days to process, then it will be dispatched and sent by 1st class delivery via RoyalMail. Due to COVID-19 RoyalMail has implemented extra safety measures which may delay delivery so allow up to 5 days. Please contact us at forthebusycooks@gmail.com if you have any queries. 

How do I store my brownies or blondies?
It is advised that you store your products in the fridge. A use-by date is handwritten on each box and is calculated from the date your product is made. For best results, warm in the microwave for 15 seconds and serve with vanilla ice cream.
I have a nut allergy. Can I still buy your products?
Unfortunately not. Nuts and other nut-based products are handled in our domestic kitchen.
I cannot consume products that contain certain allergens. Which of your items can I buy?
All items are handmade and produced in the same environment. Therefore, even if the product you want to buy is free from the allergen you can’t consume, we cannot assure you with 100% certainty that it has not come into contact with other products that do contain the allergen. As such, we advise that you do not make a purchase if you or the person who will consume the product has an allergy. Please refer to individual product page for product specific allergen information. 
Do you sell vegan or gluten-free products?
Yes, we have some vegan products available for purchase. However, our products are not suitable for those who are allergic to dairy as we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of dairy products. We do not currently sell gluten-free products. Please purchase with caution and refer to the individual products page for more information on allergens. 
loved my order! It was yummy, what can I do next?
Thank you soo much! As we are a small business we appreciate people spreading the word if they enjoyed our products! Click here to leave a Google Review. Why not take a picture of your order and upload it to social media? Click here for our instagram, make sure to tag @shop.forthebusycooks!
There was a problem with my order. 
Oh no! Here at For The Busy Cooks we strive to ensure all products are 100% perfect. If there is a problem please contact us straightaway by emailing forthebusycooks@gmail.com along with your name, a photo of the problem and a brief explanation. We aim to reply to all enquiries within 48 hours.